2022 Fairfax Festival

The Festival starts at 10 am on Broadway Blvd and Bolinas Road with the Fairfax Festival Parade!

Main Stage - Bolinas Park

Saturday, June 11

12noon-1:10pm  El Cajon
1:30 - 2:40pm  Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic
3-4:20 pm  Koolerator ft. Barry Sless
4:40pm -6pm  MoonAlice
Sunday, June 12
12 noon - 1:10pm  Little Gems
1:30 - 2:40 pm  Starling Six
3-4:20 pm  The Wreckless Strangers
4:40-6 pm  The Uptown Rulers

Redwood Stage - Peri Park

Saturday, June 11

12 noon - Nick Brown's Mothership

1:30 - Michael Brown

2:30 - Altogether Now

3:30 Teja Gerken & Doug Young

4:30 Ali Kahn's Dua`

Sunday, June 12

12 noon - Archie Williams Jazz Band

1:30 - Jasmine Harris

2:30 - Todos Santos

3:30 - Culann's Hounds

4:30 - Victoria George

EcoFest Stage

Saturday, June 11

12-1:00 - Empire

1:30-2:30  Kyle Alden and Dream Farm

3:00-4:00  Robert Powell & Friends

4:30-6:00  Darren Nelson & the 421s

Sunday, June 12

12-1 - Banana Soup

1:30-2:30  Danny & Essence

3:00-4:00  Talley Up

4:30-6:00  Tom Finch Group


Congratulations to this year's winner: Katie O'Shea of Katie O'Shea Design https://katieosheadesign.com/

2022 Update!

The beat goes on...

After two years of postponement, we’re excited to announce that plans are underway for the 43rd Annual Fairfax Festival!

Mark your calendars for June 11 and 12th 2022 and join us for an outdoor-only event!

The celebration will again feature a Parade, Music, Beer and Wine, Food and Drinks, Arts and Crafts, Kids Entertainment, Ecofest and Flea Market.

To ensure the health and safety of the community, vendors, entertainers, and staff, the Fairfax Festival will follow guidance from Marin County Public Health.  We can’t wait to see you!

2022 Fairfax Festival Committee