2020 Fairfax Festival Canceled

Dear Festival Community:

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fairfax Festival Committee has decided to cancel the 2020 Fairfax Festival and Ecofest.

All festival activities including Movie Night, theĀ Parade as well as the festival itself are going to have to wait a year in order to protect the health and safety of our community of volunteers, vendors, visitors and musicians who transform our town into the Fairfax Festival.

While we are all disappointed at this turn of events, our committee is looking forward to presenting a memorable comeback event next year on June 11th-13th, 2021.

Every evening at around sundown, local residents in Fairfax let out a howl to thank healthcare workers and signal their neighbors that they've made it through another day. The Fairfax Festival Committee is howling out ourĀ thanks to our community and to signal our confidence that we will make it through this and will see you next year. In the meantime, take care and stay safe!

2020 Fairfax Festival Committee

When the 2020 Festival was canceled, the Committee agreed a suitable poster could still be used to convey the positive message of celebrating together again in the future. We believe the winning design represents this sentiment, evoking the feelings and memories of our beloved annual event.

Enjoy our Festival Poster for 2020. It was designed by local artist and designer, Katie O'Shea of Katie O'Shea Design. Learn about Katie and her work.

The Poster message promotes two new initiatives to support Fairfax and its businesses, #fairfaxforward and FairfaxOpenForBusiness.com.

We also have posted links to musicians who had been slated to perform at this years Festival. In true Fairfax style, the beat goes on...