Fairfax EcoFest Wine Tasting 2022

Food and Wine Tasting Fairfax EcoFest

SATURDAY in the Wine Tent:

Join us for an incredible lineup of Wines made with Organically and Biodynamically grown grapes.  It’s a unique tasting opportunity for one of the largest lineups of these sustainably produced wines in one place – right here in Fairfax! Wine tasting will only be on Saturday 1 - 6PM. $30 for a prepaid ticket  (link will be updated). Or $40 at the door. You can come and go and enjoy the festival during the afternoon.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY at the EcoFest:

Beer served in 14oz reusable stainless steel souvenir cups for $10, refills $7  Wine by the glass is an option both days for $10.

Vendors Application Form

Please return next year for 2021 Fairfax Festival. We look forward to seeing you then.